Why would you need the services of a solicitor in London?

There is a massive requirement of solicitors in London, if you fall under the category of a victim, you have the right for an employment lawyers London. employment lawyers in London will help you legally and present you case in the best possible way.

While the Government of the United Kingdom has some predetermined conditions before you can file an unfair dismissal claim, consulting with your solicitor beforehand is a must and an important factor which could determine your whole case.

If you have worked for an employer since before 6th April 2012 for 1 year, or 2 years after 6th April 2012, and have been unfairly dismissed, you have the legal right to take action against your employer.

Your solicitor will give you all the required legal counsel and represent you for a legal hearing. Many employment tribunal cases are handled by solicitors. There are many private employment solicitors which may be an essential requirement for your case.

The British law allows you to unfair dismissal claims only if you fir under the criteria; getting fired because of race, religion, ethnicity, political views and personal problems and more all falls under unfair dismissal.

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